TrueVine's Street Witnessing Team answers Jesus' command to "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere" (Mark 16:15 NLT). We visit local gathering places to share our faith, distribute Bibles and tracts, and pray with those who are interested in hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Street Witnessing Ministry is a group of individuals with a passion for sharing the Gospel – the Good News – with those who are out in the highways and byways.  This team literally takes the Gospel “to the streets.” 

Min Lillian Jones, the team leader, states what drives her passion. "We know that there are some people who may never set foot inside of a church building or sanctuary, so it is the mission of the Street Witnessing Ministry to “take the church” to them.

The "Street-Witnessing team visited the Salvation's Army Men Shelter on January 20 to share the gospel. The team shared the "Good News"  to the men giving them the spiritual weapons to fight defeat, isolation, and other warfare. The men were very welcoming and receptive of God's word. The team would like to especially thank the shelter's manager, Eric Washington for allowing us to 'sow a seed' at the organization.