The S.A.L.T. Ministry is to provide singles with the foundation needed to live a successful Christian life. We are a support system that encourages one another with the Word of God, comforts with the Spirit of God and fellowships with the Love of God.  
The True Vine Fellowship Full Gospel Church S.A.L.T. (Single Adult Learning Together) Ministry is designed to meet the needs of singles and those who have become single again due to divorce or passing of a spouse. The S.A.L.T. Ministry is about serving inside and outside the walls of True Vine, having a heart to spread the Gospel, using our abilities to uplift and glorify Jesus and God’s Kingdom and sharing our personal experience to encourage and strengthen one another as we strive to live holy.

Minister Elzora Howell is a native of Mobile, Alabama and is currently a resident of Sumter County. She was ordained as a minister under Bishop Willie Davis on January 31, 2016. Minister Howell stated the overall purpose of her ministry is to win souls to Christ.

Minister Elzora Howell